Big Lug

Big Lug Ramp

Easy Installation:

Our signature Big Lug threshold ramp was designed to provide a full 42 inches of width in front of a doorway! The Big Lug comes with handrails that are optional and provide added security for people that need a little stability transitioning through the door. Perfect for storm doors, screen doors or patio doors, the width of the Big Lug ramp allows for the perfect amount of clearance between the handrails.

100% Durable Aluminum Construction:

Our Big Lug ramps are made from high-grade premium aluminum, making them extremely durable for everyday use and all weather conditions. Our signature Big Lug requires little or no maintenance giving you peace of mind that it won’t rust or rot like many other wood or steel ramps.


Our Big Lug ramp was brilliantly designed with stability in mind. The Big Lug is 42 inches wide with a 800 lb Weight Capacity and it comes with our Non-Skid Solid surface that helps make this ramp slip resistant. The Big Lug is ideal for small curb situations and creates a full-sized and gentle path for people using walkers or wheelchairs or even those that need a little stability.

Made in America:

Our Big Lug ramp can be at your location fast! The Big Lug is the perfect solution to help you regain your freedom. This is an American-made, industry leading threshold ramp because of its stability, attractive design, and simple assembly. The Big Lug comes with our company 3 year warranty.

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